Track Session Wednesday July 5th

Just to get away from the rotation of 400s/800s/1600s we will have a mixed distance session this week, for a bit of variety.  A session of (200m, 400m & 800m) x 3

Last week’s session worked really in terms of people getting into groups and working well together, this might be a little more difficult with the mixed distances.  For anyone still thinking of joining the group, we have all abilities from some of the best athletes in the club to relative beginners.

Usual reminder for this time of year to balance race recovery and race preparation.  Meet at the usual time 7:00pm at the Sonia O’Sullivan on the UCC Grounds at the Mardyke


Warm up

Dynamic Stretch

6 x Strides

[200m with 200m recovery

3 x   [400m with 200m recovery

[800m with 400m recovery

Cool Down