Timekeepers required for Tue 23rd May (and every Tuesday)

We require timekeepers for Tuesdays TT, and every Tuesday.

The time keepers for the next few weeks are:

May 23    …., …., …..
May 30    Rory Galvin, …., …..
Jun 06    …., …., …..
Jun 13    …., …., …..
The time trials cannot be held without your support.
Please contact David Egan by email at: david.egan1966@gmail.com or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping.
Remember, all participants taking part in the time trials are expected to help with the timekeeping at least once during the year.
But of course you can time keep as often as you like.
We usually have a raffle for all the timekeepers at the end of the season.
Your name is entered into the raffle every time you time keep.
And you get points in the CTC club league.