Women in Sport – Triathlon Ireland

TI have been in contact regarding Women in Sport, and are looking to gather opinions & ideas from Clubs around the country.
Over the next few months TI will be developing a specific Women in Sport Strategy for 2017-2020 as well as developing projects and programmes aimed at women.
They would like to engage with as many clubs and women in clubs as possible over the next few months whether that be via email, at races or at meetings. They would like clubs to nominate a Women’s Lead to be a point of contact. They can be an existing committee member or just a club member who has an interest in women’s development.
The Women’s Lead will be their point of contact for the club so information on new projects, ideas, workshops and seminars would all be sent to them. TI also want them to be engaged in any discussions moving forward about how women want the sport to develop and what areas we can build on and improve on. They will disseminate the information to the club and feed back any suggestions, issues and ideas from the club.

If you have any interest in working with TI on their Women in Sport initiative, please contact admin@corktri.com to let us know.