Wednesday Run February 1st

Really great numbers turning up to the Wednesday run sessions, with a great mix of experienced and new members.  Again to restate for any beginners or new members to the club, the session is suitable for all.  The main set is run on a 1km loop so no one gets dropped.  Everyone can run at their own version of “tempo” and push as hard or as little as they like or suits their current fitness level. If done properly these sessions will improve your race times.

Meet at the usual time of 6:30pm at the car park at the city end of the Straight Road, there is then a relatively easy warm up run to the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road.  For any going directly to the Business Park we get there at about 6:50-6:55pm

The session this week holds the total tempo run time at 20 minutes.  Good possibility that there will be someone new cracking the whip for this week.


Easy run from the Straight Road to the Business Park

6 x 60m Strides

8 minutes tempo, 4 minutes recovery jog

2 x 4 minutes with 2 minutes recovery jog

2 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery

Easy run back to Straight Road via Farranlea