Reminder! – Group Turbo Sessions, Nov/Dec 2016

CTC_Logo_200_200A quick reminder that group turbo sessions will be kicking off on Mon 31st Oct.  I will be setting up a mailing list this week for all those registered and this will be used for communicating session plans and advice on a weekly basis.  There is still space available if others are interested.

The first night will be a fairly handy (re)introduction to the format of the sessions including warm up/down, drills, some intensity and advice on how to approach all of these.  The second session will include a threshold test, for those that want it.  This will be challenging but is very useful for setting HR and power zones, which will enable you to train at the right intensities.  The remainder of the sessions will follow a programme of intervals which build gradually week on week.

Each year there tends to be teething problems with gear on the first few nights.  In order to minimise this, please take out your turbo this week and do a dry run as we won’t have much time on the night to deal with ‘mechanicals’.

You can register here.