Sunday Cycle, Oct 16

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nThe forecast for Sunday is cool but decent for early that morning but thunderstorms are due to roll in about 12pm. After a mild scalding from certain sections of the group in recent weeks relating to route selections, I’ve invited a guest route planner for this week. All praise/abuse should be directed at Paul Harrington for this week’s group spin ;-)

Paul has come up with two nice options.  The Short route is only 50km long but with 538m climbing.  The Long route is shorter than recent weeks at 78km but should be sufficiently challenging with 1074m climbing.

All club members are invited to suggest routes for the group cycle on Sundays.  Two options are required.  The long ride typically is between 70-100km long while the short ride should be 50-70km long, depending on the amount of climbing involved.  ‘Lazy’ suggestions that stick to main roads, avoid all climbs or scenery will be deemed inadmissable.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.