Information for AGM Nov 4th

imperial-venueAs announced in an earlier post the club AGM will be held at the Imperial Hotel, South Mall, of Friday evening November 4th.  As well as reviewing the past year and planning for the coming year a number of positions on club committees will have to be filled. Over the last few years the club has been relatively lucky with quite a few people stepping up and taking on the positions on the various committees without too much arm twisting.  The club is a completely volunteer run club with no paid positions.  The membership of the club over past few years has been at about 250 members.  If you have not been involved in any committee role please consider taking on something, there are a number of roles which are not at all onerous and don’t place too many time demands.  Everyone involved is also an active athlete.  Below is a summary of the main positions that have to be filled.  There are also some other positions not on the list such as the social committee and on the race committees.  The main committee only meets once per month.  Below is the section from the constitution relating to the committee positions.

The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee, comprising members elected to the

positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Children’s Officer, together with additional members

elected to the Committee, with or without specific functions. These positions are defined below:

i. Chairperson (Current: Brendan O’Neill)

The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring the Committee operates in the best interest of the Club

and its members. Their role is to co-ordinate committee activity to achieve this. Alongside chairing

committee and general meetings, the Chairperson will also help out the other committee members

where required.

ii. Secretary (Current: Adrian Quinn)

The role of the Secretary involves maintaining the database of members, taking and circulating

meeting minutes from AGMs and committee meetings as required, and shall also be responsible for

any correspondence to the Club through the Club e-mail address.

iii. Treasurer (Current: Eidin Christie)

The Treasurer is responsible for accurately recording all financial transactions made by the Club

and presenting this record in a recognised format to members of the club at the AGM. The role will

involve collecting and recording cash payments from members and sponsors and for issuing and

recording payment to suppliers and others as agreed by the Committee. The Treasurer is

automatically a co-signatory on any bank or credit card account held in the name of the Club.

iv. Children’s Officer (Current: Trevor Mahoney)

The Children’s Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the TI’s Safeguarding

Code for Young People are implemented fully in the Club, and to act as point of liaison between the

Club and TI and other Voluntary or Statutory Agencies where appropriate or required by Statute.

A functioning committee may be formed once each of the above positions are filled by members validly

elected to the position in accordance with this constitution. In addition to the above four positions,

additional members may be elected to serve on the Committee. It is recommended that additional

members be elected for the following roles, but not limited to.

• Public Relations Officer(s): (Current: Barry O’Sullivan and Kelly O’Connell)

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) is responsible for working with committee on sponsorship

opportunities for Club events, liaising with Event/Web Administrators to ensure website has

appropriate logos etc., issuing press releases and race reports to local media, submitting reports as

necessary for possible grant aid and exploring other promotional opportunities.


• Webmaster: (Current: Stephen Lynch)

The Webmaster is responsible for the Club website ( This role involves design

and upload of content to the site. Making recommendations on web design/improvements to

Committee, liaising with on-line entry companies, presentation of status to other Committee

members at meetings.

• Web-site Administrator: (Current: Brendan O’Neill)

The website administrator is responsible for liaising with web-master and up-dating the web-site as

required, soliciting articles and links from members, working with the Club event organisers and

ensuring website reflects correct event status.

• Events Administrator: (Current: Jeff Castles)

The events administrator is responsible for sending regular emails keeping club members informed

of upcoming events and results from previous week. Collating info on pertinent events, results and

achievements of members’, upcoming events that maybe of interest.

• Cork Tri Club Race Chairpersons: (Current: King of the Hill; Ronan Ryan, Lost Sheep; Trevor Mahoney)

Manage the race and co-ordinate the race organisation committee. Responsible for co-ordinating

the event, liaising with TI, contacting all personnel involved in supporting the event, arranging all

aspects of water safety, preparing Water Safety plan, selection of Race director. Arranging

numbers/t-shirts/refreshments/registration/prize-giving, Follow-up race report and results. Present

status to other committee members at meetings.

• Others:

E.G., Social Committee, Race Committees, Other social media, etc.

All of the forgoing shall be elected. All positions are filled by election at the AGM, with each member of

the Club present having one vote per position.

Any club member can declare their interest in a position, whereupon they must be proposed and

seconded by two members of the Club.