Annual General Meeting (AGM) Friday November 4th Imperial Hotel South Mall

imperial-venueNotice that the annual general meeting of Cork triathlon Club will be held on Friday evening November 4th at 8:00pm in the Imperial Hotel. South Mall Cork.  The format for the meeting will be as per the club constitution, Committee reports for the year, financial report, consideration of proposed amendments to the club constitution, election of club officers and any other business.  A full agenda will be published at least 7 days prior to the meeting.  Any proposals for amendments to the constitution should be submitted to the club secretary ( at least 8 days prior to the meeting.  A copy of the constitution can be seen here ctc-constitution-v5-28apr2016-final.  Members may propose non-constitution related motions to the meeting on the night but ideally it would be good to have some prior notice as it is good to brief the club members in advance of any proposals related to the running of the club.  In relation to election of officers a full list of the club officers will be published on the website and the FB page in the next week with a short description of the responsibilities for each post.

OK they are the formalities for the AGM, in more informal language, we would appeal to all members of the club to try to get to the meeting.  The club has grown significantly over the last 4-5 years from a membership of about 100 to the current 250.  The activities of the club have also increased with training events on almost every night of the week during the off-season  and a full programme of time trials, aquathons, training and races during the summer season.  There are also numerous social events throughout the year.  All of the club members who help to organise and run these events are active themselves with full training schedules as well as their contribution to club life.  Unlike some sports where there is a cohort of retired players/athletes who take on the administration we depend on our active athletes to contribute in some way to the operation of the club.  So please come along to the meeting see what is happening and make some contribution however small.