Results of the Time Trial Tuesday 16th August

The results of the time trial on the 16th August 2016 are as follows:
Jane McGrath 25:37
Thomas O’Connor 24:49
Brid Normoyle 25:37
Ali Dorgan 25:07
Jess Bruton 24:36
Helen Leonard 25:06
Catherine Terry 23:36
Paul O Brien 24:14
Michael Slomski 22:17
Aidan Mangan 22:32
Katie Cooke 20:35
John O Connell 20:00
Lorna Cummins 25:17
John Phelan 21:22
Paddy Lehane 23:56
Andrea Rubio 28:09
Noel O Regan 21:53
John Carey 20:20
Don Lapierre 19:51
Donnacha Kiely 20:20
Brendan Hennessy 23:39
Marc Dalton 19:47
Will Rock 19:49
Amy Wolfe 22:14
Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Lorna Wolfe, Declan O Connell and Deirdre Quinlan.
The time keepers for the next two weeks are:
Aug 23 Declan O Connell, Ciaran O Callaghan, Cliodhna O Gorman.
Aug 30 PJ Meaney, Marc Dalton, David Egan
This was the ninth time trial of the summer league and a good turnout with twenty four time trialists completing the course.
There is just one time trial left that count towards points in the league.
The last time trial on Aug 30 will be a fun time trial.
Points are awarded for each time trial and are awarded pro-rata, based on the fastest time on the night.
Your best six times out of the ten time trials will count towards your final score in the league