Track Session Wednesday July 20th

Athletics Track_UCCPromises to be a lovely warm evening for a track session.  Its back to 800m repeats this week, either 5 or 6 x 800m depending on level.  The proposal is the usual for the session, warm-up, dynamic stretch, strides, main set and cool down.  There may be some variation to this as there will be a new coach on the block! Brendan cannot make the session so Tomas Kenefick will take the session in his absence.

As usual people need to balance recovery from events last weekend and preparation for events next weekend, individual responsibility! Just some advance information, the track will be closed again next week (July 27th) so we will probably adjourn to Blarney again, but there will be a post in advance of the session.


Proposed Session

8-10 minutes easy jog warm up

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m strides building through the set

5/6 x 800m with 90s recovery

Cool down