Club Members Competing at King of the Hill

Dock-Beach-KinsaleJust a note for club members competing at King of the Hill this coming Saturday.  The race is run by club members with no outside help.  For those members who are competing in the race we would hope for a couple of things; 1) there is a lot of work to be done on Friday evening we would hope that members would come down and offer to help with the transition set up and the putting out of signs on the bike and run courses. 2) All members should register on Friday evening, registration is in the Temperance Hall opposite the Tourist Office in the middle of the town.

There is very limited registration on Saturday morning (just 1 hour) and many visiting triathletes will use that time.  Please try to be fair to your fellow club members, who are putting the race together, and register on Friday evening, it is just 30 minutes to Kinsale from the city.  So pop out to transition help out for an hour and then head in and register.