Track Session Wednesday April 20th

Athletics Track_UCCBig crowd on the track last week, great to see the numbers increasing all the time.  The weather promises to be even better this week with mild temperatures and a light breeze.  The session this week is 3 x 1600m (miles) or 2 x 1600m for some.  Recovery is a 400m easy jog between.  Same format for the evening as usual, warm-up, dynamic stretch, strides, main set and cool down.  Just a reminder that we got a warning from the “gate keeper” that we will not be allowed park in the Mardyke grounds from now on.  There is plenty of parking at the car parks by the Kingsley or by County Hall, just a short jog then to the Mardyke.  There is usually some parking on Mardyke Walk as well.  Session starts at 7:00pm



10 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m Strides

2/3 1600m with 400m recovery jog

Easy jog cool down