Wednesday Run/”End of the Road” Party March 30th

pizza_TreadmillOk folks as the title suggests this will be our last session on the road before we move to the track at the Mardyke on the first Wednesday in April.  The session is a tough one but maybe the promise of pizza at the Rendezvous Bar.  We thought we would mark our last session on the road by having a bit of a social gathering after the run.  Meet at the usual time of 6:30pm, no need for head torches this week full light!  Meeting place is the car park opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub at the city end of the Straight Road.  Arrive ready to run.  Format this week will be to meet, do the session head back to the carpark and for those who remember, change into a dry less aromatic shirt and then head up to the Bar.  The club will supply some pizzas and frys for sharing (drop the diet for one night!).  There will be an area in the bar reserved for us.  People will have to buy their own drinks, but be careful and/or non-alcoholic if driving.  We have had somewhere in the region of 27-28 sessions since last September with the attendance building at time went on.


Easy run to Business Park on the Model farm Road

6 x 60m strides

2 x 7 minute tempo 2 minute recovery jog

2 x 5 minute tempo 2 minute recovery jog

2 x 2 minute tempo 2 minute recovery jog

Easy run back to car park

Reassemble back at the Rendezvous Bar