Sunday Cycle, Mar 27

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nUnfortunately the forecast for tomorrow isn’t looking great.  There are thunderstorms due at 9am with a 50% chance of rain.  The wind is due to be around 40kph at this time, but as the rain clears, the wind looks likely to pick up to 48kph by 12pm.  It’s definitely questionable as to whether one should go out cycling in those conditions.  People can use their own judgement but please be cautious and safe if you do intend to head out.  Stay on low ground and sheltered if possible.  One such route might be like this.  You could return home via the main road or just back the way you came if it was safer.

Pending a last minute cancellation on Facebook we’ll be leaving City Hall at 9am.  Stay safe!