Sunday Cycle, Mar 20

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nThe forecast this far out could be a little ropey but at the moment it’s looking cloudy though dry and mild.  There should be little wind to speak of.  I’ll pitch two routes, one requiring a slightly more navigational skills than the other.  The short route clocks in at 63km while the long route stretches to 83km.  Both routes have much in common with a moderate amount of climbing.  However the longer route climbs a little more with an additional loop through the heart of the Boggeraghs.  A coffee stop in Blarney should see everyone back together to refuel and compare notes.

Renowned as I am for possessing the homing instincts of a pigeon, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this Sunday.  So whoever fancies taking on the longer route, please have a good look at the turns just after Nad and the turn to take you back from Gortroe to Bweeng.

Leaving City Hall  @ 9am.