Rás Luimní race report

IMG_0544A quick race report by Owen on last Sunday’s race…

Team awesome back in action yesterday, with 2015 a4 race winner Don in the a3 race, John (I’ll give it a go) & Owen (look if I make it around the first lap I’ll give the 2nd lap a go) in the A4 race.  John very kindly offered to drive the old lads and we all travelled together with the usual serious pre race tactics talk in the car. Got all signed in and looked resplendent in our CTC gear.  Perfect weather for it, did a quick warmup up and down the finishing straight and the fast flat section in the last corner.  

Don headed off with the a3 crowd and John and myself got into the controlled start for a4, last year this race was a crash fest with 2 big crashes before the top of the rise,  this year bunch was much better behaved and we set off up the rise at a fair lick.  Fairly certain that the race would end in a sprint up the last hill John and myself planed to hide from the wind.  Made it to the top of the hill, so my first fight with Gravity was won, now heading into the wind the bunch slowed down with a lot of surging and breaking, nothing too hectic happening so we just settled in around the lap, the usual sprints out of the corners and then into the long straight back into town with the wind at our backs, clipping along nicely now.
Everyone made it around the corner onto the hill, John and myself were at the back of the bunch, fine for John, I should have moved up a bit to give myself some slippage room on the climb, big attack as expected, John stuck in no problem, I was clinging on as we passed the start finish line halfway up to take the bell, it stopped ringing after I passed, nobody was directly behind me, the 1m gap in front was becoming 2.  But I duelled with gravity and managed to limit my slippage to about 15 meters, but was now out in the wind, had to just bury myself and used a few people who had given too much at the start of the climb who were now dropping off to hide from the wind as I went through them onto the bunch.  Delighted to have made it back on, knowing that with the head wind I could hide and recover in the bunch.  Found johns big frame and was delighted to tell him ‘still here’.
Rest of lap pretty much like first, but we had jettisoned quite a few on the climb, there was seemingly another bunch who were behind me but out of sight on the climb, did not feel so bad after hearing that.  High speed run back into town, I was just happy to be still there John had loads in the tank and was going to go for it, unfortunately with the high speed and some of the crazy riding he could not get himself as far forward in the bunch as he wanted in the last corner.  Everybody made it around the corner (compared to last year with massive crashes), I got out of the saddle and did my best, looked up and saw John flying through  people who were going full gas out of the saddle, and he was still seated, last I saw of John until the finish where he had managed to go through the whole bunch neatly and came in about 15th, a better placed in the last corner and he would have been in the points.  I stuck in a finished at the back-ish of the bunch.
Delighted I had made it around both laps, John did great and some great potential there, Don had another lap in the A3’s and after a hard weeks training he was happy to come in. 15th or so.  Off for food and coffee, I manage to puncture on the way back, them the margins.  Great day out, thanks again to John for driving, roll on Blarney and Kanturk 3 day.  Would be amazing to get a good team to Kanturk, think we could be well up there for a team prize as well as individual honours. 
Also noted in some Facebook comments about duathlons that people are using phrase Team awesome, we will have to send a cease and desist letter.   Next thing you know they will be using our unicorn rainbow exploding stars with photos shirt idea!!!