Beginner Cycles Starting Sunday January 10th

BeBeginner_Bikeginner Cycles

It is planned to start our beginner cycles next Sunday January 10th and continue every second Sunday until about the end of April.

For the Beginners

Road bikes only, no hybrids, city bikes or mountain bikes.  The club group meets at 9:00am on Sunday mornings at City Hall.   All the beginner cycles will be advertised with a notice on the club website and a post on the Cork Tri Facebook Page.  Beginners should come early so that the club members responsible on that day can organise the group.  Anyone coming should really be a member of Triathlon Ireland and the Club but for a couple of spins you can join by signing a guest sheet.  Please dress appropriately, proper cycling gear if you have it, if not tighter sports clothing rather than baggy tracksuits.  Bikes should be in good mechanical order and safe to ride.  You should carry 2 spare tubes and some way of inflating them (a pump or gas canister).  Also bring something to replace calories in case you get tired, banana, cereal bar, jelly beans or something like that, also have a drink in the bottle cage on the bike. It is a good idea to bring your mobile phone and about €5 as there will usually be a coffee stop close to the end of the cycle.  Just a hint, put the phone and cash into a small Ziploc bag to keep them dry in case of rain.  Initial beginner spins will be of the order of 35-40km.  Beginners should also have a reasonable level of fitness it is unfair to others in the group if you are completely unfit, as a guide you should be able to average about 20kph over 30km.  There will usually be two of our more experienced members assigned to lead the beginner group, please follow the instructions of the leaders particularly in relation to safe group-ride discipline.

For Existing Members

Steve Evans, Martin Bohane and John Cunningham will again be coordinating the beginner cycles.  You will probably be asked at some stage to lead one of these cycles.  If things work as last year you should only have to lead one over the course of the season.  We are hoping to have one male and one female leader every week.  As you can see we are asking the beginners to turn up a little early, if no one turns up the designated leaders will be able to go with the normal Sunday spin.  People can volunteer for particular weeks by contacting Steve, Martin or John in advance.