Membership 2016

CTC_Logo_200_200Membership is now open for 2016 for existing and potential new members.  For existing members their 2015 membership obviously takes them to the end of December, for anyone joining now the membership will be until the end of December 2016.  As usual membership is through the Triathlon Ireland website.  You first join Triathlon Ireland either taking out a full race licence (€60) or one of the other options available, student, junior, youth or a non-race membership.  remember if you take out a non-race membership you will have to take out a One-Day-Licence for every race you do.  When the option comes up you select Cork Tri as your club,  membership of CTC is also €60 for the year.  This is the first increase in membership in something like 10 years, up from €50 as agreed at the AGM.  In the intervening period activity at the club has gone from one or 2 events per week to a situation where there is something on every day of the week, sometime more than one activity, except Friday.  Any of these training events for which there is an additional fee are subsidised, as are the social events.  Club gear is also subsidised.  Junior membership remains at €20, unchanged.  As stated at the start of this post, existing membership is valid until the end of December, but it would be useful if people renewed their membership before registering for post Christmas sessions, swims, core, turbo etc.