CTC Warm Weather training 2016

CTC_Logo_200_200Around this time last year there was much discussion of a group training holiday in the sun being organised.  There were varying views on location and time of year to go, and in the end we couldn’t organise something that was of enough interest to a critical mass of club members.
This year we’re going to take a slightly different approach.  There are a couple of club members already signed up to going on a training holiday in Portugal next March with Tri Training Harder.  A group discount is available if we can get more people to join with this booking.  We’re suggesting that other club members who were thinking of going on a warm weather training holiday could join this booking and avail of the discount.
We will need to know numbers before we can agree on an exact discount but feel free to have a look at their site if you want to get an idea of what the full cost is.  Accommodation and food is included in the price.  The dates are already fixed at March 17th to 24th.  At the moment the cost of Cork-Faro return flights is €160.  If genuinely interested and available to travel on those dates, email webmaster@corktri.com sooner rather than later.  If we get an idea of how many might be interested in going, I can report back on discounts available.