Try Again – Night Swim Thursday 15th October 7:00pm

Ok, we’ll try again, scheduling the night swim for Thursday 15th October at 7:00pm, round Sandycove Island, the tides are as follows

Kinsale Tide Tables – October 15


Height (CM)
Low 12:05 AM 7020
High 6:09 AM 39980
Low 12:19 PM 7020
High 6:20 PM 39980

Remember this swim is not to be taken lightly, only experienced open water swimmers should come along.  It would also be preferable if those coming are familiar with the swim around Sandycove Island.  Remember to be considerate to residents, take care where you 10672379_715579138518186_1056903454806151772_npark and as it will be evening time try to keep the noise down.  We will have some glow sticks for distribution but anyone who has brighter sticks or other waterproof lights should bring them along.  We will try to partner up in a buddy system but everybody swims at their own risk.  We will monitor the weather forecasts coming up to the date, if there is any danger of rough or inclement weather we will have to cancel again.  Be prepared, the water will be chilly so have a neoprene cap or double/triple silicone hats.