Night Swim Proposed Date October 6th

10672379_715579138518186_1056903454806151772_nOne of the most popular and enjoyable events that we held last year was the night swim around Sandycove island.  We are proposing to hold a similar event again this year.  The proposed date is Tuesday October 6th at 7:00pm.  The conditions will be as follows

Tuesday, 6th Oct

Suggested swim time: 19:00

High tide: 19:30

Sunset: 19:00

Unfortunately we cannot arrange a full moon for that night, it will be just about a half moon.  For obvious reasons, this is not an event for beginners, anyone proposing to take part should be a reasonably experienced open-water swimmer.  Preferrably anyone taking part should be familiar with the swim around the island.  We will as last year use the buddy system where everyone swimming will be pared with a partner and asked to declare that both partners are out of the water when we finish.  Also as the weather is not always cooperative, a decision will be taken on the night whether to swim right around the island, stay inside of not swim at all, depending on conditions.  We will again issue everyone with glow sticks, last year we just used the party sticks but we will in the mean time try to see if we can get anything brighter.  Anyone who has anything like this might bring it along.  This is a serious open-water swim please do not take it lightly, be sure you are capable of the distance with some comfort, follow the guidelines on this post and that will be re-iterated on the evening.  Make sure you know your partner and stay with them for the duration of the swim and declare on exit that both are safe.