Swim Sessions in Bishopstown and Churchfield Pools

ChurchfieldThe Tuesday evening swim sessions in Leisureworld, Bishopstown will be starting on October 12th at the usual time of 8:45pm.  Brian Clifford will coach the sessions.  They will run for 10 weeks to December 14th.  We will post at a later date the cost and whether there will be beginner stroke coaching available for relative novices as with recent years.  Instead of the Wednesday sessions where we could only get two lanes, the club is taking Churchfield Pool at 7:00am on Thursday mornings, where we will have all 4 lanes.  The Thursday sessions will run from October 14th to December 16th.  Coaching arrangements and cost will be posted later.  Registration for both of these sessions will open next week.  To register for these sessions you must be a current club member.