Wednesday Run September 9th at 7:00pm

runners2Track season is over for this year and not ready to move into winter/spring tempo sessions yet.  The suggestion is that we continue to meet through September/October for just a club run.  We might have a few different locations over the weeks but unless posted otherwise we will meet at the small carpark at the city end of the Straight Road opposite the old Crow’s Nest pub, here.  So for a while no whistles no stopwatches, just a run.  If here are different abilities we can split after a few warm up kilometres.  Juniors are welcome, there will definitely be an easy group for a few weeks, might suit those recovering from Kenmare as well. So 7:00pm ready to go, there is usually parking in the small car park at the meeting point, if that is full there is additional space at the car park by the County Hall.