Attention CTC Members Doing King of the Hill

Trev2_KotHAs all our members should know we are completely dependant on the help of members to marshal both of our national races, King of the Hill in Kinsale (Saturday July 25th) and The Lost Sheep in Kenmare (Saturday Sept 5th).  We always ask members to marshal one race if they are doing the other.  Also, particularly for Kinsale this coming weekend, we ask members who are doing the race to help out on Friday evening with the course set up.  At the moment we are ok for help with registration in The Edge but we do need help setting up transition and setting out signs for the cycle and run courses.  This year it will be particularly be important because of the new cycle course, it will take a few people to put signs on the course.  Help will also be needed in the transition field to layout the transition boundaries and the path from the beach to transition.  Also members should try to register on Friday night rather than Saturday morning as there will be quite a queue on the race morning with registration only open for 1 hour.  If you can help on Friday please contact Rory Galvin, Chief Marshal at or Race Director Brian O’Sullivan at