Time Trial Results June 16th

The results of the time trial on the 16th June 2015 are as follows:
Marty Burke         27:41
Eleanor Fennessy    26:12
Jane McGrath        28:30
Lorna Wolfe         24:18
Sean Hickey         21:57
Kevin Fennessy      20:36
Brendan Coakley     21:56
Stephen Lynch       19:34
John Carey          20:27
A J Murphy          19:13
Garvan McCarthy     22:34
Billy Carr          23:36
Jeff Castles        21:28
Ian Murphy          22:32
Ciaran O Callaghan  21:11
Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Ann Payne, Will Rock and Mark O Shea
The time keepers for the next few weeks are:
Jun  23    Eleanor Fennessy, …., …..
Jun  30    Hilary Creedon, …., …..
July  7    Jane McGrath, …., …..
July 14    …. , …., …..
This was the first time trial of the summer league. There are nine more time trials.
Your best six time trials count towards the league.
As we are always scrambling for time keepers at the last minute, we would like people to please think about what dates they
can do the time keeping and let Dave Egan know in advance.
We still need more timekeepers for next week and the following weeks.
Remember the time trials cannot be held without your support.
Please contact David Egan by email at:david.egan1966@gmail.com or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping.
Remember, all participants taking part in the time trials are expected to help with the timekeeping at least once during the year.