Beginner Oriented Open Water Swim (Dock Beach Thursday 18th 7:00pm)

Dock-Beach-KinsaleThere will be an open water swim session at the Dock Beach in Kinsale at 7:00pm this coming Thursday 18th June.  The Dock is one of the safest option for open water swim training.  it is hoped to have at least three of the more experienced club open water swimmers to help on the evening.  We will not have any kayak support so anyone coming down should have some swim competence.  This is not swim lessons but an opportunity to swim a number of short sessions in the company and with tips from more experienced members of the club.  All club members are welcome and any help from more experienced club members to buddy up with beginners would be welcome.  As usual wetsuits compulsory, in spite of the improving weather the water is still cold so double hats or neoprene hats advised.