Track Session Wednesday 10th June

Man_RunThree part session this week starting with a set of 400s then a single kilometre followed by more 400s.  Again at this part of the season people have to judge for themselves the need to recover and to prepare for upcoming events.  For recovery from sprint events, most should be well recovered from Schull on Saturday.  For anyone going to Hook or by Crook in Dunmore East they need to decide on how much of the session they can do and still carry freshness into Saturday.  For those who normally do not do the full session the suggestion is a combination of 300s with an 800m in the middle


Warm Up:

10-15 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5x60m strides

Main Set:

5x400m with 150m recovery

1km  200m recovery

5x400m with 150ms recovery

Cool Down:

Easy Jog

Easier main Set: 5 x 300m with 100m recovery, 800m, 200m recovery, 5 x 300m with 100m recovery