Wednesday Track Session

Run_HBSession this week is a combination of kilometres and 400s.  As usual at this time of the year people have to make decisions in terms of recovery from the previous weekend’s races and the races the coming weekend.  Everyone should try to know what they need to sharpen up but still leave them fresh for the race.  For those that want a reduced session the suggestion is 2 x 800m with 200m recovery and 5 x 300m with 100m recovery.

The full session is as follows:

Warm Up

10-15 minutes easy jog

Dynamic stretch

5 x 60m strides

Main Set:

300m aim to get into the efforts and feel fast

2 x 1km w. 200m jog recovery

5 x 400m with 200m jog recovery

Cool  Down

10 min easy jog