Friday cycle, May 29

I don’t know about others but I was wrecked last Thursday after the previous day’s track session.  Due to that and the fact that numbers have been struggling on Thursday night, I’m thinking of trying a Friday session instead this week.  If you’re racing at the weekend, you’d be better off giving it a skip.  However this session shouldn’t interfere with a Saturday or Sunday long spin.

This week’s session is as follows:

  • 4 x 2mins, recover on descent
  • 2 x 3min, recover on descent
  • 4 x 2mins, recover on descent
  • 3 x 1 min recover on descent
  • Cool down, easy spin back to Curraheen.

Odd reps overgear and the even reps at race pace. The final minute of each rep should be at a high cadence but maintaining a good position, thinking about a good pedal stroke and keeping strong through your core. This session is all about quality of the reps so keep focussed and working hard.

Meeting outside Curraheen greyhound track @ 6:00pm.

Owen, myself and Don are heading west to Kerry over the weekend for spins on Saturday and Sunday.  Each day will be 100-120km and hilly, with the avg speed close to 30kph.  If interested email  All are welcome.