Wednesday Track Session May 27th

Aerial_trackVery straight forward session of 800s this week.  As we move into race season people need to make decisions in relation to the quantity that they are doing the Wednesday before they race.  Weather conditions will be undergoing change on Wednesday but with any luck we should get the session finished before the rain arrives.  Key objective is to maintain pace across the 5 800s.  For those looking for a reduced session 5 x 600m.

Usual time: 7:00pm at the UCC Track on the Mardyke

Warm Up:

10-15 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5x60m strides

Main Set:

300m aim to get into the efforts and feel fast

5 x 800m with 200m easy jog recovery (5 x 600m for reduced session)

Cool Down:

10 min easy jog