Weekly bike sessions

Sean-KellyAs I mentioned last week,  we’re looking to rejig the Monday hill repeats to better accommodate the Tuesday time trials which have just started.  The goal is to provide two quality mid week club bike sessions and allow people enough time to recover in between.  I consulted with Harry Wiltshere on this and here is his advice:

Session 1 (The Time Trial)
For athletes racing Sprint and Olympic then the time trial once a week is a perfect session.  For athletes focusing on a half or Ironman then it is still very important to do the speed work,  but not at the expense of getting miles in.  If longer distance athletes can get a ride done before they time trial so that they can get both then that would be brilliant, alternatively if time doesnt’ allow the longer distance athletes to ride before the effort then perhaps alternating one week time trial, one week longer evening ride would be best.   For everyone, running off the bike would be really beneficial.  I would suggest some short fast efforts followed by an easy jog. I will start adding these to the club training programme.  The other crucial thing is a really good warm up, e.g.    
Team Sky 15k Prologue Time Trial Warm-up Protocol 
10 Mins Light spin
8 mins build, the final minute should be a best effort 
2 mins easy 
2 mins easy to include 3×6 second accelerations to Max
3 mins easy 
Aim to start T.T as soon as possible after the WU. 
Session 2 (The Hill Session)
Athletes racing Sprint and Olympic would benefit from a second short, sharp effort session (like the hill reps) whilst those racing longer would be better with longer tempo efforts in a time trial position.  So how we structure this second session depends on what sort of split you have in the group.  The hill session I have provided for this week consists of shorter, sharper efforts.  As the season develops, the aim of the overgear then the high cadence is to develop strength and power without loosing the fast twitch and ability to pedal smoothly (…which you have to do not to bounce up and down at the really high cadence.  If you have a dead spot in your pedal stroke, you bounce.) 
So regardless of whether you’re interested in Sprints, Olympics or longer distances, I think this gives good advice and structure for both sessions.  Harry agreed that it would be best not to have hills and the TT on consecutive evenings so, of the limited options we have left, I’m proposing to run the hill session on Thursday evenings.  Of course, this won’t suit some people.  Apologies.  Scheduling is hard.  If it’s looking like after a few weeks that Thursday evening isn’t working for a lot of people, we can look at switching to Friday, perhaps.
The hill session for this week is as follows:
  • 4×2 min w. 30s recovery
  • 4×3 min w. 1 min recovery
  • 2×4 min w. 90s recovery

Odd reps overgear and the even reps at race pace.  The final minute of each rep should be at a high cadence but maintaining a good position, thinking about a good pedal stroke and keeping strong through your core. This session is all about quality of the reps so keep focussed and working hard.

I’ll be leaving from the City Hall @ 6pm on Thursday evening and heading for a 1hr steady spin out to the meeting point for the hill reps.  Anyone who is similarly aiming for longer distance races is welcome to join.  The meeting point for the hill reps is outside Bridgies bar in Ballygarvan @ 7pm.  From here we have a choice of a number of hills to work with.  I recommend that people cycle out to this meeting point as the warm up is a vital part of any interval session.