King of the Hill Marshals Required

Your Club Needs YouTo run our two club races, ‘King of the Hill’ (25th July) and The Lost Sheep (5th September) we need to have adequate numbers of marshals.

It is requested that club members should marshal at one race if they are competing at the other. Every year one of the main challenges of putting on these races is recruiting sufficient numbers of marshals.  If we do not have an adequate number in advance of the race we will have no option but to cancel the event.  We are asking people to register for the ‘King of the Hill’ as soon as possible in order to assist with planning.  Lunch will be provided for marshals during the day and dinner will be provided after the event.  Invite your family and friends to register!

No race can take place without volunteers.  They are every bit as important as the competitors and, on the day, no one contributes more to the atmosphere of the race.

King of The Hill Marshal Registration