Monday cycle, Apr 27

So we’ve been building up nicely over the last few weeks, increasing the amount of time spent at TEMPO and HARD intensity levels.  Hopefully over the course of the last month, you’ve been seeing some improvement on the Glen Rd climb.  After this Monday’s session we’re going to change venue, so it’s time to let rip on this climb….sort of.  The plan for Monday is as follows:

  • 3 mins TEMPO
  • 5 x (5 mins HARD, recover for 5mins)

The first TEMPO effort is just to wake up the legs.  For the next 5 HARD efforts you’re aiming for or just above threshold intensity.  And rather than trying to set a PB on the first one, you’re ideally looking to have 5 even efforts, i.e. reach the same point on the climb each time.  These efforts are tougher than in previous weeks and so the recovery is longer.  Make sure to get at least 5 mins easy pedalling in between each interval.  So, as a rough guide, you should keep pedalling easy up the climb for another 2mins after you finish each interval, then turn around, descend and start straight into the next interval.

Since we work off time and not the distance to the top of the hill, it works out roughly that everyone completes the session together, regardless of ability.  We cycle from the meeting point to the top of the airport hill up the road at the back of the Bull McCabe’s.  Some sections of this are steep.  We’ll going up these slowly as a group, at low cadence, focusing on pedaling technique.  It would be advisable to have done a short warm up spin before attempting this.  We will advise on intensity, technique and safety issues.  Bring your own watch for timing purposes.

Meeting point is Travelodge, near Kinsale Rd roundabout.   Leaving @ 6.30pm sharp.