Wednesday Track Session April 15th

trackJSession this week is repeat 500s taken as two sets of four.  For those on the lower end of the fitness scale the session will be repeat 400s with 200m jog between each of the reps. Juniors are welcome to the track session and will do the 400s rather than the 500s.  Again the emphasis should be on pace judgement, even across the entire set.  Usual format for the evening with easy jog to warm up, dynamic stretch and strides before heading into the main set.  Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm on the UCC track at the Mardyke.


Warm Up

15 minutes easy jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main Set

2x(4x500m with 100 jog recovery between each 500m) take 300m easy between the sets

Cool Down

15 mins easy jog