Saturday cycle, Apr 11

Cycle_toonForecast looks good for Saturday morning.  A little cooler than the present ‘heatwave’ but clear and dry with a a moderate WSW wind which will pick up towards midday.  I always find its always best to leverage good weather when you have it by heading up into the hills.  This route was a favourite from last year.  It has two gorgeous climbs in the middle but plenty of nice flat, fast rolling terrain either side of those.

It’s great to see an increasing strength in depth when it comes to cycling  talent in the club.  However there can be some divergence when it comes to goals.  A number of Saturday morning regulars are currently getting stuck into the serious end of IM training, needing to cover big distance.  Conversely there’s not much point in someone who’s training for Sprints and Olympics hammering themselves on a hilly 160km route.  Thus the suggested route allows for a number of clear turnoff points providing 80km and 120km route options.

Leaving City Hall @ 8am.