Monday cycle, 6 Apr

We’re going to kick off the hill repeat sessions that we ran during the early part of last summer.  We may try out some new hills and mix things up a bit in the coming weeks.  For the moment we’ll stick with a nice, steady climb of roughly 4-5% gradient.  This format allows for cyclists of all abilities to take part.

The plan for this week is as follows:

  • 3 mins TEMPO, recover on descent.
  • 4 x (6 mins TEMPO, recover on descent)
  • 3 mins TEMPO, recover on descent.
  • 6 x (1 min above THRESHOLD or best effort, recover on descent)

Since we work off time and not the distance to the top of the hill, it works out roughly that everyone completes the session together, regardless of ability.  The ride to the bottom of the climb will be a slow group ride, keeping everyone together.  We will advise on intensity, technique and safety issues.  Bring your own watch for timing purposes.

Meeting point is Travelodge, near Kinsale Rd roundabout.   Leaving @ 6.30pm sharp.