Sunday Cycle March 29th with Beginner Cycle

Cycle_toonThe proposed route this week is out to Coachford across to Donoughamore down the steep drop to New Tipprary, the route shown turns right there and down the Shournagh Line into Blarney. (The Shournagh is where we usually do the continuous roll ups into Blarney).  Alternatively there is the option of turning left in New Tipp  and going to Blarney through Bweeng this adds 7-8km and has a few more climbs, decision on the day.  The route as shown is about 70km.  The beginners this week are being shepherded by new dad Garvan McCarthy (congratulations) the suggested route is a straighter run to Donoughamore through Cloghroe.  Suggested coffee stop is in the Woollen Mills in Blarney.  Hopefully with no major events other than the UCC RR the numbers should be back up.