Run Session Wednesday 4th February

Run_HBSession this week is quite long.  Hopefully we can keep the numbers up in spite of the cold spell.  usual format, run to the Model Farm Road Business Park from the car park on the Straight Road opposite the Crow’s Nest Pub.  Meeting at the normal time of 6:30pm (ready to run).


6 x 60m strides

7 min tempo

6 min, 5, min, 4 min, 3 min, and 2 min all hard with 90s recovery between each

Jog back to the car park for cool down.

People need to make their own decisions on the definition of “hard” based on their current level of fitness, where they are in their race preparation.  Those looking at a serious duathlon season would need to be pushing a bit.  Anyone not racing until the full triathlon season (May) should be a bit more temperate.