Sunday Cycle (1st February) with Beginner Option

Beginner_BikeAs people may have noticed the Saturday gang have listened to the dire weather warnings and are heading indoors for a 2.5hr turbo session(yuck).  The reading of the entrails looks better for Sunday albeit a little on the cold side.  As a precaution we will do a check on the weather early Sunday morning and put a post on the FB page IF WE ARE CANCELLING, this should go up about 8:00am.  Given a projected north wind (light) the proposed route is out to Coachford through Inisscarra and Dripsey left at Coachford and on to Donoughamore and from there to Blarney for coffee, route here: This route is about 70km. The shorter option for the beginners is out the Inniscarra Road to just before the dam taking a right on to the R622 then a left onto the R579 towards Nad.  Another right onto the L2751 which heads back to Tower, then there is the option to head to Blarney for the coffee stop.  This route might be a little on the long side at 50km but there are options to shorten, map here: