Saturday cycle, Jan 31

Cycle_toonI’ve been watching the forecast for Saturday like a hawk and it’s not looking good.  The air temperatures will be above freezing but there is a severe NNW wind forecast which means there will be a ‘real feel’ of around -7 degrees.  This combined with the fact that wind speeds are due to build up to 46kph by lunchtime means that safety would be a concern.

Much to my chagrin, I think we’d be better opting for the turbo tomorrow and head outdoors on Sunday instead.  We have contacted Highfield RFC and have permission to do an indoor group turbo session tomorrow  their premises.

For those interested, lets aim for a 9am start and to do at least 2.5 hours on the bike.  I’ll do up a programme with a variety of intervals in it to keep us focussed.  It won’t be easy spinning for the full session…unless that’s what you want to do!  If you have any questions email