Cycle racing with CTC

Sean-KellyIt’s no secret that there are some among us who like to rev their engine when on the bike…. no hill is encountered on a steady club spin that isn’t seen as a breakaway opportunity!

Those folks may be interested to learn that CTC has been registered with Cycling Ireland for the 2015 racing season.  This means that those members interested in racing can compete in our club colours and seek to amass points in A4/A3/A2/A1 cycling leagues.

One day event licences are available until Mar 31st.  After this date you must purchase a full Cycling Ireland racing licence in order to compete.  So if you’re curious about racing but not sure about investing in the full license, you have the option to try out a few races before the deadline.  The first big race on the calendar is the Lacey Cup, Tralee on Feb 22nd and we will have members there racing for CTC.

Cycle racing is a very different beast to triathlon.  Acceleration, power, strategy and skill play a bigger part in the competition.  A small group of club members have been racing for the last two years and while there has been only one victory thusfar, we’ve had a number of placings and gained a lot of experience along the way 😉  We’re now extending invite out to other CTC guys and gals who might be up for the challenge.

If you are interested or have questions, please email  We have also put together this document outlining some basic information about cycle racing.