No Club Championship Based on National Series!!!!

TI Logo - Light GreenAs people know Triathlon Ireland have launched the “Super Series” this year which is great for the athletes at the front end, this is something that people have been looking for for a few years.  In the launch material from TI the format of the club championships have been unclear, in communications with TI they now say that there will be NO club championship this year other than the mixed relay at the JustTri race in Boyle co. Roscommon.  This is a major disappointment to Cork Tri, one of the things that was a major motivational factor in club perfomance and generator of club spirit.  The club championship has been key in the drive to push performance across the board for CTC athletes.  It might be an idea to try to get a consensus across a number of the clubs involved in the competitions last year to get a change in this decision from TI.