Sunday Cycle including Beginner Cycle

Beginner_BikeThe Cork Tri Annual Christmas Party is on this coming Saturday evening (29th) on the assumption that not everyone is going or that not everyone there will over indulge, there will be a cycle leaving City Hall at 9:00am on Sunday morning.  As with last Sunday we will include a beginner cycle with some (or possibly all depending on the condition post party) of the more experienced gang taking the beginner group.  Last week’s cycle was not terribly well supported, if club members want these beginner events they should show willing by turning up.  The proposed route for this week, given that we expect easterly winds, will be out to Great island (Cobh), the route shown is the shorter route at under 50km, the longer route will take in the full loop of the island.  Route shown here:  The two groups should be able to meet up in Ballyseedy for coffee before heading back into the city.  For beginners remember: hard shell helmet, dress appropriately, have a proper road bike, bring some money (for coffee), have a pump or gas canister and spare tubes.