Sunday Cycle/Beginner Cycle 23rd November

Beginner_BikeThe Sunday cycle this week will incorporate a beginner cycle and if there is the interest we will continue to run these every week until May 2015, by which time beginners should be able to go on the normal spins.  Meet at the usual time of 9:00am sharp, if you are a beginner please come a little early so that we can assess the level of competence/fitness.  There will also be a “normal” Sunday Cycle for the regulars.  There are a couple of conditions for those intending to turn up for the beginner cycle:

  • Please have a proper road bike, not a hybrid, mountain bike, city commuting bike or the chopper you got with your first communion money
  • Wear appropriate clothing, not baggy cotton tracksuit bottoms, if it rains you will freeze
  • Have a pump or gas canister and one or two spare tubes and tyre levers
  • You should be capable of cycling about 40km
  • You must wear a hard shell helmet
  • Bring some money (circa €5) as there will probably be a coffee stop
  • If you are not already a CTC club member you will be asked to sign a guest sheet

The weather fore cast for Sunday is very promising dry with sunshine but possibly a little cold