Club Run Wednesday November 5th (6:30pm)

runners2First run in November, the new Driven to Tri programme is here with a agenda specifically for winter training in preparation for next season.  So this Wednesday we will go with one of the sessions from week 1.  This will just introduce a little change of pace into the run.  Remember it is only November so there is no need for anything terribly quick.  Pace is very individual, one person’s tempo is another’s flat out.  Last year on some of the winter sessions I felt that a few people were going a little hard for the time of year.  Everyone needs to make a judgement on this based on fitness and whether they are doing any winter racing, road, cross country or trail.

For the first week the intro is gentle, for the change of pace we can go into the industrial estate on the Model Farm road, warm up on the road of if there is enough light on the path behind the Tennis Village and CIT and then into the estate.


20 minutes warm-up

10 minutes steady

5 minutes tempo

Cool down

Meet at the usual time of 6:30pm at the car park opposite the Crows Nest pub