Saturday Cycle, 25 Oct

Cycle_toonA mashup of well worn tracts of road this week spliced together with a few fresher sections, all with a strong WSW wind in mind.  The route consists of mainly flat or gentle drags with just a handful of short, sharp shocks included.

Things to keep in mind as you prepare for your group spin this week:

          • Mudguards
          • Lights
          • Layers
          • Steady! (Same effort…not speed…going uphill as downhill)
          • 6-8 riders per group is ideal.
          • No half wheeling
          • Rotate the group every 90s-2min so that everyone is sharing the workload and no one is getting cold.
          • If struggling, rotate through immediately to get off the front and conserve resources.
          • Don’t rush the coffee and cake and the end!

Leaving City Hall @ 8:30am