Wednesday Run 15th Oct (Note Time Change to 6:30pm)

runners2A number of people had requested a move to 6:30pm for the Wednesday evening run to facilitate those doing the Garry Mason swim sessions.  So from now, probably until we go back to the track the sessions, the runs will start at 6:30pm.  Meet at the usual place, the car park at the city end of the Straight Road opposite the old Crow’s Nest pub.  One advantage of going a bit earlier is that there will still be a little light, so a repeat run along the Curraheen river track towards the tennis Village and then behind CIT will probably be possible.  Still keeping it at steady runs until November.  The old grumpy guy that often leads the runs apparently won’t be there this week so hopefully some of the other regulars will step up and lead the way plus make sure no one gets left behind.  Usual caveats, runs leave at very close to 7:00pm, so if you need a warm up or stretch come a little early.