Sunday Cycle Oct 12th

IMG_0947The proposed route for this week is one used before, the back road to Bandon through Crossbarry then and out the Dunmanway road.  This will give the option of three different variants for short, intermediate and longer spin.  The full route is out the N71 (main road to Bandon) leave the N71 at Half Way on to the Crossbarry Road and into Bandon, before going down towards the main town, take the R586 towards Dunmanway as far as Muragh there take a left onto the L2015 and follow the signs for Hosfords Garden Centre (Closed) you rejoin the N71 at the garden center, then straight back to Bandon.  The turn off from the R586 is just at the old mill that has been converted into apartments.  The intermediate route would leave the Dunmanway road (R586) just at the bottom of the hill after the small industrial estate and join the N71 closer to Bandon.  For those that want a very short spin just go as far as Bandon.  The distance of the longest option is just over 8okm, route map here:  John Cunningham is back in the fold this week after his adventures in Spain and has offered to take a shorter/slower/beginner group.  If there are enough people we can also have someone lead the intermediate group.  Remember from last weeks post “beginner” does not mean you are on a bike for the first time since you bought one with your communion money! You should have a reasonable degree of fitness and be able to ride at least 40km on your own as a guide.  Meet at the usual time of 9:00am at City Hall, beginners or newcomers please come a little early in order to get sorted before the start.  Not many coffee options close to the city on this route so the usual stop is the Chapel Steps Cafe in Bandon.