Night Swim Around Sandycove Friday 10th October

SharkAs a kind of unofficial finish to the open water swim season we are planning a night swim around Sandycove at 7:30pm next Friday evening October 10th.  There are obvious safety implications with a venture like this there are some rules that we are going to have to impose without exception.  This is a fun event, night swims can be a great experience, this is not a race, just a social and novel way to finish off the season.

  1. No beginners; this swim has to be for experienced open water swimmers only.  This means having completed at least 1500m in open water this year, olympic distance tri or longer, or of course laps of Sandycove prior to this would qualify.
  2. We will use a buddy system where every swimmer will be paired with another of equal ability, both swimmers must stay together for the entire swim.
  3. We will stop at the 3 “corners” of the lap and do a head count at each, even if you get there early you must wait until the swim leader says to move on.
  4. We will use party glow sticks pushed into swim hats to keep people visible throughout the swim, so swim hats are essential.
  5. The event is very much weather dependant, look at the web and Facebook on Friday during the day we will make a call based on the forecast on whether the swim goes ahead or not.
  6. In the event that we say the swim goes ahead but when we get there there is too much chop, we may decide to swim a triangle inside the island.
  7. Safety will be the prime consideration with all decisions

Shaughz_KenM_PierWe will probably adjourn somewhere afterwards for something to warm up the bodies.  Water temperatures are still quite good and should not fall too much in the week.  It looks like there will be about a 50%+ moon so if we get a clear night there should be good natural light.  If you are coming down please try to get there a little early so that we ae water ready as close to 7:30pm as possible.  Try to do some car pooling as the parking down there is very limited.  Just to give us some idea of how many we might expect on the night if you plan on coming down please “Like” the post on the FB page. Second picture courtesy of John Shaughz, just couldn’t resist the first one!