Group Cycling with CTC

SunCyc_Mar1614Given that the season has finished and we are starting to get some newcomers out on the group cycles, here are some points to consider.

  • The Saturday Cycles are specifically targeted a higher level of cyclist, and won’t wait around for beginners or those not up to the group pace.
  • Sunday cycles are more tolerant but before coming out newcomers should be capable of cycling about 40km on their own at a reasonable pace (25km/hr)
  • On selected Sundays it will be stated on the website and Facebook when there are beginner cycles.  Newcomers, preferably cub members, are welcome on any Sunday as long as they can meet the criteria above.  Non-members should make themselves know at the start and sign a guest sheet (max 3 spins as a guest)
  • Bring spare tubes and some means of inflating them, pump or gas canister
  • Bring a small amount of money as there is usually a coffee stop, close to the finish or on Saturday at the end.  Usually €5 is enough unless someone decides to go to Ballymaloe!
  • Bring liquids (in your bottle cage)
  • When the roads allow we usually ride 2 abreast, from time to time one of the road leaders will call “roll up” this means that the person on the front on the right hand side gently moves to the front left and everyone else shuffles up one place to maintain the same 2 abreast formation.  Don’t sprint to the front and open a gap and don’t cut so close that you cause the others to have to brake.  Don’t move from the back of the group to the front, don’t worry you will get your at the front (too soon if it’s very windy)
  • Some of the more experienced people will take on the role of road leader(s), they generally call the “roll ups” and give instructions on the directions, listen to them!
  • If the group that gathers at City Hall is very big, a decision will be taken before rolling out about splitting the group as any more than 10-12 people in a group can be dangerous and annoying to other road users.  We will ry to split the groups according to experience and ability.
  • We will also try to give a summary of the route directions, places where there might be a bit of pace loaded on or any difficult climbs on the route.
  • Trying not to be too prescriptive in this but if you come prepared it will make the spins more enjoyable.
  • Numbers for the Sunday cycles have held up all year it would be great to carry that through the winter and help everyone establish a good aerobic base for 2015.